10 Things I Have Learned as a Coach

As a developing coach attending the International Coaching Academy (ICA) coaching certification program, one of my assignments is to identify the 10 things I have learn as a coach. Although I have and continue to learn so much, below is my top 10 list:

  1. Listen, Listen, Listen – Listen to not only understand, but to hear the feelings below the surface.
  2. Respect – Show respect to your client and to yourself at all times. Respect boundaries and time.
  3. Acknowledge – Acknowledge both the small and big wins. Be the faithful mirror of your client’s wins.
  4. Culturally sensitive – Understand your own culture and that of your client. Let viva la difference be your motto!
  5. W.A.I.T. – Ask on a regular basis “why am I talking?” As an extravert, this is an ongoing development opportunity for me.
  6. Commitment – Maintain commitment to the client. Partner with them to maintain the commitments they make to themselves as they work towards achieving their goals and dreams.
  7. Power of the Pause – Use the pause button to give space for the client to think and reflect. Also use it to allow you, as the coach, to stay out of reaction mode. Remember the phrase, “silence is golden,” it was created for a reason.
  8. “It’s not about you?” – Its all about the client – their agenda, their pace and progress, achieving their goals, etc. Remember, they are driving the car and you are their trusted passenger (partner).
  9. Be Curious – Being curious at all times allows you to help the client go deeper. Use powerful questions and direct communication to allow your client to tap into their own curiosity.
  10. Reframe Perspectives – Help your client in seeing multiple perspectives to their situation / problem. Invite them to “walk around” a situation / problem, looking at it from different angles.

As a coach or coaching client, how does this list resonate with you? What would you add it?


  1. Houda

    As a coaching client: listening, respect, constructive discussions, and belief in my abilities and potentials to reach my aim, were some of the precious things Judy showed to me in our coaching sessions. This had a very positive impact on how I started looking at new problems or situations. I am very pleased now with what I gained to manage my job search issues.
    Thanks Judy!

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