Month: May 2010

The Power of the Right Brain

"The right brain works at 10,000 times the speed of our conscious left brain; the main-frame or limbic orients at some10,000 times even that speed of the right brain." Genius Code – Paul R Scheele & Win Wenger Research shows that activating the right brain gives you increased access to normally “off-line” regions of the brain.

Five Ways to Activate the Right Brain to Enhance Your Creativity

Meditate. Go for a long walk. Listen to classical music. Try the Right Brain Start-up exercise Search the Internet (Source:

The Big Secrets of Innovative Organizations

What are the secrets of innovative organizations? Innovative organizations: Make big bets Make big transformations Undertake big brandreinforcement Anticipate big changes Pursue big math Focus on big loyalty Focus on big innovation Thinking big change in scope Innovate in a big way locally Share big ideas Be big on solving customer’s problems. Align strategies to the big bets. For more information

Six Myths — and the Real Facts About Creativity

Here are six myths about creativity that you might not have been aware of: Creativity comes from theunconscious. ("It is mostly conscious,hard work.") Children are more creative than adults. ("Children aren't as creative as we think they are.") Creativity represents the individual's inner spirit. (The works represent "the characteristic markers of our culture and time period.") Creativity is spontaneous inspiration. ("Formal training and conscious deliberation are essential.") Creativity is the same thing as originality. ("All creativity includes elements of imitation and tradition. There is no such thing as a Read more...