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The Corporate Bill of Rights for Creativity

Here are 12 corporate bill of rights related to creativity. Post them on your wall and practice them daily. Everyone is creative. All ideas are welcome and deserve a hearing. Creativity is part of every job description. Premature closure and excessive judgment are cardinal sins. Creativity is about finding balance between art and discipline. Creativity involves openness to a wide range of inputs. Experiments must be encouraged. Noble failure is honorable, poor implementation or bad choices are not. Creativity involves Read more...

Lessons Learned From The World of Improv

There are several principles of improv that can be used to foster a creative and team driven environment. For example, in the world of improv: Anything can happen. The only rule that can never be broken is the rule of agreement. All players must be in agreement to forward the action of the scene. Many advocate the use of “Yes, and…” as a standard response to all incoming messages. Accept and build. Many creative processes fail because of a judgment Read more...

Looking for Great Ideas

A great idea has specific qualities that you know intuitively that they are when you see them. Here are three qualities in particular: Utility - great ideas serve a real purpose, they meet a need or create a value. Simplicity - great ideas are pure and clear, sophisticated yet elegantly simple. Vitality - great ideas have energy and liveliness all their own. Finding great ideas can often be a challenge. To find great ideas you need to: Be open and Read more...

The Power of the Right Brain

"The right brain works at 10,000 times the speed of our conscious left brain; the main-frame or limbic orients at some10,000 times even that speed of the right brain." Genius Code – Paul R Scheele & Win Wenger Research shows that activating the right brain gives you increased access to normally “off-line” regions of the brain.

Five Ways to Activate the Right Brain to Enhance Your Creativity

Meditate. Go for a long walk. Listen to classical music. Try the Right Brain Start-up exercise Search the Internet (Source: