Diversity Key Tool in the Fight for the Creative Class

In a recent study conducted by Smart City Consulting in Memphis, Tennessee, Diversity emerged as a key theme, a principle that participants described as enhancing innovation and having a positive economic impact.

The survey involved 1,000 college-educated people aged 25 to 34, and it found that two-thirds of respondents decided where they wanted to live first, then went to that city and found a job afterward. “Diversity is the linchpin to it all,” Mr. Jones was quoted “Diversity of ideas seems to flow from diversity of people. One thing that defines economy now is diversity. If you say you can succeed without being diverse, you’re fighting a tidal wave.”

Diversity is innovation – What are you doing as an organization or a city to foster diversity?

For the complete Globe and Mail article, titled “Diversity now a key tool in the fight for the creative class,” September 21, 2011, go to http://www.theglobeandmail.com/report-on-business/diversity-now-a-key-tool-in-the-fight-for-the-creative-class/article2173191/).

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