Looking for Great Ideas

A great idea has specific qualities that you know intuitively that they are when you see them. Here are three qualities in particular:

  • Utility – great ideas serve a real purpose, they meet a need or create a value.
  • Simplicity – great ideas are pure and clear, sophisticated yet elegantly simple.
  • Vitality – great ideas have energy and liveliness all their own.

Finding great ideas can often be a challenge. To find great ideas you need to:

  • Be open and curious. Listening to everything as if for the first time, without judgement, as if it can have some value to you.
  • Be diligent. Persistently and relentlessly looking everywhere, all the time, for insights and ideas. Be disciplined in writing down your ideas and rigorously testing them for validity.
  • Be Involved. Put something of yourself into the idea. Put all you’ve got into the idea i.e. skills, talents, passion, etc.

Source: Wow! That’s a Great Idea Navigator Guide, www.WowGreatIdea.com

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