Case Study

Hydro One

Serving Ontario, Hydro One is a group of companies focused primarily on electricity distribution with a number of related activities: Hydro One Networks runs the electricity distribution and transmission system, Hydro One Brampton runs the electricity distribution system for the City of Brampton, Hydro One Remote generates and distributes electricity in 18 remote communities in Northern Ontario and Hydro One Telecom markets Hydro One’s excess fibre optic capacity.

Challenge: Hydro One’s executive team needed to develop strategy to exploit growth opportunities during entry into a new deregulated market. External assistance was sought to relieve the IT executives from day to day operational demands allowing them to focus on the challenge at hand.

Action: This problem required an experienced IT executive to smoothly tackle the day-to-day operational challenges. Foursight provided an executive to assume the responsibilities of the Director, Computing and Technology Services. During the engagement Foursight managed delivery of operations for mainframe services, server and desktop systems.

Impact: “Our environment was a demanding one. We were rebuilding and evolving the IT department towards a service management model. With these changes and our growth we needed to fill a senior IT management position on an interim basis. Foursight not only provided someone with the experience necessary to manage the crisis of the day but with the knowledge and insight to assist us in our evolution and improve our service performance across the board.”

Mike Rigo, VP of Enterprise Technology Services