Case Study

Sprott School of Business - Professional Programs

The Sprott School of Business at Carleton University has an established track record of delivering high quality, leading-edge business programs. To serve the NCR’s business community better, the School provides both on-campus and customized in-house programs that meet specific professional training needs of public and private industries.

Challenge: The Executive Director of the Sprott School of Business Professional programs needed a new Director to manage its existing Management Skills Certificate Program and to respond to requests for customized programs.

Action: Foursight was invited to fulfill this role based on their extensive background in management and leadership development and the credibility previously established by Managing Partner Dr. Laws with Sprott in preceding years. To ensure that the program would be successful, Foursight taped their expertise network partnering to revise the existing program, based on client feedback, and identified a qualified team of facilitators to deliver it. The end result – a comprehensive 12 day program, offered in a two consecutive day format, providing a portfolio of opportunities for today’s managers to integrate the tools of managing: people, teams, changing environments, projects and money.

Impact: “Dr. Judy Laws brings a wonderful sense of enthusiasm to each seminar, and is immediately able to draw seminar participants into an engaging and meaningful discussion. We are pleased to have Judy as our Program Co-Director on our groundbreaking Management Skills Certificate program, as her expertise and industry knowledge offer a dynamic perspective for our clients. She is a delight with which to work and we are proud to have someone like Judy Laws on our team.”

Alireza Hassanlou
Executive Director, Professional Programs Division