The Foundation for Sustainable Diversity and Inclusion

 In his recent book, The Inclusion Paradox: The Obama Era and the Transformation of Global Diversity, Andrés Tapia, Chief Diversity Officer at Hewitt Associates, states “we need to shift from programmatic diversity to sustainable diversity by focusing on approaches, ideas, processes, strategies and tools that lead to sustainability.” Programmatic diversity has to do with affinity groups, diversity councils, diversity learning and heritage month celebrations. It has to do with successful programs such as minority and women mentoring programs, diversity recruiting fairs, and special programs for LGBT employees. Although programmatic diversity is important and needs to continue in organizations, it is “just the scaffolding for the structure that needs to be built.” Sustainable diversity, on the other hand, is “hard-wired into an organization’s mission, growth, profitability, and operational strategies. It’s embedded into every process and practice that touches people – recruitment, retention, training and development, promotion and engagement.”

An adapted version of Tapia’s model includes:

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